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My favourite sport is football (soccer). But my favourite sport to talk about is NBA basketball. I even occasionally podcast about the NBA here. The core statistics in basketball are easy to comprehend: points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and wins. And they are full of exciting action. Whereas in football, if it’s not goals or saves, the statistics (fouls, number of passes, CAPs) are rather boring. Both football and basketball have game flow, unlike American football which has quite a lot of start/stop motions.

Moreover, in American football, the players wear helmets and padding, so it’s hard to identify them…

I documented everything I watched this year (sans YouTube videos of how to do my job). Then, the pandemic struck, and I instantly doubled, maybe even tripled(?!), my viewing habits on Netflix, Hulu, and insert your favourite recognizable streaming service here. I tracked what I watched through a Google spreadsheet, with categories like Title, Platform, Genre, and Score.

Did I learn anything new about myself? Not entirely sure. But I decided to explore the data as a mini quarantine project. Below are some data visualizations annotated by some snarky comments. …

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